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1. Individual Classic Vehicle Pre 1995 and Vehicles of Special Interest

You are welcome to turn up on the day and park in the classic parking area. Gates will be opened at 8 am and a fee of £10.00 per vehicle will apply.

2. Individual Classic Vehicle Pre Booking & Retro Car Clubs Post 1975 – 2005 Pre Booking

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or Call 01621 875842


Special Conditions

No gazebos, flagpoles etc, (unless you can provide public liability insurance documentation), no BBQ’s or selling from your vehicle.

This section of the Maldon Motor Show will be organised, managed and administrated by Maldon District Council
We encourage owners to dress in a style appropriate to their car!

Rules governing this event :
1. The event is open to Vintage Classic Sports Cars, American cars, Motorcycles and Commercial. Entry is at the discretion of the Maldon District Council.
2. The entrant must be the legal owner of the vehicle or be authorised by the owner to be using the vehicle.
3. Entries should only be on this form; please use a separate form for each vehicle. Photocopies of this form are acceptable. No change of vehicle can be made without prior notification and acceptance by Maldon District Council.
4. All vehicles must be licensed and have a valid MOT certificate if required at the time of the event.
5. The use of the vehicle entered must be covered by appropriate insurance as required by law, and the entrant warrants by signing this form that any person in charge of the vehicle on the event is so covered.
6. Entry may be refused if satisfactory evidence of valid insurance cannot be produced upon request.
7. No items to be sold from vehicles entered for display.








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Military & Commercial Vehicles

Retro Cars

Motor Bikes

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